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Our Company

Khizra Fabrics is a modern, dynamic and rapidly growing company strive to attain professionally excellence globally. Our core objective is to produce only the quality products and solutions to its customers. Our production concept is driven by a set of values geared toward challenging future, thinking with courage, and delivering tomorrow’s answer today, all to benefit of the customer by maintaining competitiveness anticipating future needs before they arise.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is one of the key success factor in any business. Khizra Fabrics fulfills all parameters of QA. We practically monitor all the process closely to ensure high quality production. We operate and pay personal attention over QA at every stage starting from weaving, dyeing/ printing, cutting, stitching and packing to ensure overall production on committed standards.

Our Products

Quality control is the key of our success, we ensure the 100% quality at every step of Production, whether it is checking of yarn, cloth or colors, we ensure steady supplies and guaranteed products according to our commitment.
Plain Dye
Thermal Blanket

Visionary Management

CEO Message

I bow myself to Almighty ALLAH who enables me and my company to become an ethical and successful textile company. We as a firm, firmly believe that if we are honest with our customer then we are are not only complying laws of this world but also following our religion. By the will Of Allah, we are able to have highest professional personnel in our team in every department. Furthermore, a strict quality control is enforced to confirm the best quality. I would like to appreciate all my customers and co-workers to become a part of khizra fabrics for more then a decade.

Khizra Fabrics